Description :

The Kaybe 150-Meter IR Extender is a robust and high-performance solution designed to extend the infrared (IR) signal range, enabling you to control your audio-visual equipment from an extended distance. Ideal for setups where the IR receiver needs to be located far from the controlled devices, such as in large venues, professional installations, or expansive home entertainment systems.

Key Features:

1. Extended IR Range: With an impressive 150-meter range, the Kaybe IR Extender significantly extends the reach of your infrared remote control, providing control over devices placed at an extensive distance.

2. Flexible Placement: The IR extender kit includes both a transmitter (IR blaster) and a receiver (IR sensor), offering flexibility in placing the IR sensor in an optimal location for reliable and extended control.

3. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of audio-visual devices, including TVs, audio systems, set-top boxes, and other IR-controlled equipment, ensuring comprehensive control in large setups.

4. Plug-and-Play Setup: The extender is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal setup. Simply plug in the transmitter and receiver units, and you're ready to extend your IR control range.

5. Reliable Performance: The Kaybe 150-Meter IR Extender ensures reliable and interference-free transmission of IR signals, providing a seamless and responsive remote control experience over extended distances.

Enhance the control capabilities of your extensive audio-visual setup with the Kaybe 150-Meter IR Extender, where advanced technology meets reliability for extended IR signal reach in large venues, professional installations, or expansive home entertainment systems.

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