Description :

The Kaybe 50-Meter IR Extender is a powerful and versatile solution designed to extend the infrared (IR) signal range, allowing you to control your audio-visual equipment from a greater distance. This extender is ideal for home theaters, conference rooms, or any setup where the IR receiver needs to be located away from the controlled devices.

Key Features:

1. Extended IR Range: With a range of 50 meters, the Kaybe IR Extender significantly extends the reach of your infrared remote control, providing control over devices placed at a considerable distance.

2. Flexible Placement: The IR extender kit includes both a transmitter (IR blaster) and a receiver (IR sensor), allowing you to place the IR sensor in a convenient location for optimal control.

3. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of audio-visual devices, including TVs, audio systems, set-top boxes, and other IR-controlled equipment, ensuring comprehensive control in your setup.

4. Plug-and-Play Setup: The extender is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal setup. Simply plug in the transmitter and receiver units, and you're ready to extend your IR control range.

5. Reliable Performance: The Kaybe 50-Meter IR Extender ensures reliable and interference-free transmission of IR signals, providing a seamless and responsive remote control experience.

Enhance the control capabilities of your audio-visual equipment with the Kaybe 50-Meter IR Extender, where advanced technology meets convenience for extended IR signal reach in your home entertainment or professional setup.

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