Al Sharqiya Expressway Section - 1 Tunnel - Oman
Ensuring Safety in the Depths: Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables at Al Sharqiya Expressway Section-1 Tunnel, Oman

Al Sharqiya Expressway Section - 1 Tunnel - Oman

In the subterranean realms of Al Sharqiya Expressway Section-1 Tunnel in Oman, where safety is paramount, Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables stand as silent guardians, fortifying the tunnel’s infrastructure with reliable fire detection and response systems. This project exemplifies the critical role that Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables play in enhancing safety measures and emergency preparedness in challenging environments.

Project Overview

Al Sharqiya Expressway Section-1 Tunnel presented a unique set of challenges, requiring a robust fire alarm system to ensure the safety of both commuters and infrastructure. The project mandated the deployment of Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables to establish a comprehensive and responsive fire detection network within the tunnel.

Early Detection Capability

Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables are engineered to facilitate early detection of fire incidents. Their advanced design ensures that the system triggers alarms promptly, allowing for swift responses and timely evacuation procedures.

Reliable Communication

In the intricate network of a tunnel, reliable communication is crucial. Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables ensure the seamless transmission of signals, linking detectors, control panels, and emergency response systems to create a cohesive and responsive safety infrastructure.

UL Certification

Safety standards are non-negotiable, especially in environments prone to fire risks. Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables come with UL certification, assuring compliance with rigorous safety standards and providing peace of mind in critical applications.

Operational Impact

The implementation of Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables has significantly enhanced the safety posture of Al Sharqiya Expressway Section-1 Tunnel. The early detection capabilities and reliable communication facilitated by these cables contribute to a proactive approach in handling potential fire incidents.


The Al Sharqiya Expressway Section-1 Tunnel project in Oman is a testament to Kaybe’s commitment to ensuring safety in challenging environments. By deploying Kaybe Fire Alarm Cables, the project not only met but exceeded safety standards, creating an environment where the well-being of commuters is prioritized. This successful integration underscores Kaybe’s role as a trusted partner in fortifying critical infrastructure with cutting-edge fire detection solutions.




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