BMS Control Cable 8 Core Unshielded 18 AWG


Description :

Kaybe's BMS (Building Management System) Control Cable with 8 cores and unshielded 18AWG conductors is engineered for reliable and cost-effective data transmission in building automation and control systems. Here are key features associated with this cable:

1. BMS Application: Tailored for Building Management Systems, the cable is well-suited for applications such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), lighting control, security systems, and other automation functions within buildings.

2. 8-Core Configuration: The cable features eight conductors, facilitating the transmission of multiple signals or functions within a single cable, providing versatility in comprehensive BMS setups.

3. 18AWG Conductors: With robust 18AWG conductors, the cable ensures efficient data transmission and can handle higher current loads, making it suitable for various power and signal requirements in BMS applications.

4. Unshielded Design: This unshielded configuration is suitable for environments where electromagnetic interference (EMI) is not a significant concern, offering a cost-effective solution for indoor BMS installations.

5. High-Quality Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, the cable ensures durability and reliable performance over time, meeting the demands of BMS applications.

6. Insulation: The cable is insulated to protect the conductors, ensuring stable signal integrity and guarding against external interference and environmental factors.

7. Flexible Construction: Designed for flexibility, the cable allows for easy installation and routing, adapting to the specific requirements of BMS installations with multiple cores.

8. Application: Kaybe's BMS Control Cable – 8 Core Unshielded 18AWG is well-suited for connecting a variety of sensors, actuators, and devices in building automation and control systems where shielding is not a requirement.

Choose Kaybe's BMS Control Cable with 8 cores and unshielded 18AWG conductors for your BMS applications, benefiting from its multi-core design, cost-effectiveness, and reliable data transmission capabilities in environments without significant electromagnetic interference concerns.

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